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New Personalized Book

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest book, The World According To [Your Child]! Being a mom of 3 young kids, my big plans to create scrapbooks never quite come to fruition. But I don’t want to foget the details about what each of my children is thinking and doing each year. This new book makes it really EASY to preserve this precious stage in your child’s life.

First you order a kit, and when it arrives you sit down with your child for 1-2 hours to do a fun project. You’ll ask your child a set of interview questions that are in the kit, and write your child’s answers in the blanks provided. The questions are fun –what your child wants to be when he or she grows up, what super power your child wishes he or she had, why your child loves each member of your family, and so on. The kit also includes color markers and drawing sheets to do 6 drawings, including a self-portrait and a drawing of the family. You’ll simply mail the interview answers and drawings in the postpaid envelope that’s in the kit. Three weeks later, a stunning, colorful book will arrive, featuring your child’s answers and drawings. We will professionally typeset the book, and list your child as the author and illustrator. You’ll be so glad that you did this fun project when the book arrives! If you take just 1-2 hours to do this project with your child once a year, you can create a library of memories. Check out this new book by going to our home page and clicking on the yellow book called The World According To [Your Child].  Or you can go to to take a virtual tour of a sample book.


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